The Film/Video Department is committed to redefining what it means to be an artist working with the moving image. Our students are consistently challenged to create new forms of viewing experiences that are personal, conceptual, abstract, political, visceral and visionary.
Our students focus on producing their own work in all three years of the major, both individually and in collaboration with their peers, while learning the most up-to-date equipment and technology and choosing internships with local production companies. The curriculum fosters the imagination of our students, while aiding in the discovery of how their work fits into the larger context of creative industry and art practice.

Students learn all stages of production, from concept to visual design – from directing to editing, and they experiment with the expanded platforms of digital media. Students are exposed to a wide range of historical works, and to contemporary discourse on media theory and practice.

• Film Lighting Studio with professional lighting and grip equipment
• Black Box Video Studio with Chroma Key, 4K multi-camera switching and audio mixing
• 4K,2K and High Definition post-production studios using Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premier, and Final Cut Pro
• Compositing workstations with Adobe After Effects and Blackmagic Fusion
• DaVinci Resolve Color Correction Suites with Tangent Wave Controller
• DCP Authoring
• Two sound studios for authoring surround sound and mixing audio tracks for digital projects.
Students work across media formats, shooting primarily in 16mm film, 4K,2K and High definition video.
Film/Video Visiting Artists